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3 Edgar Avenue
Wonga Park, VIC, 3115

+61 405 221 350

Apiary Made creates handmade lifestyle, health and skincare products that are derived from, and celebrate, the beautiful and health yielding produce of the beehive. 


The Story

Apiary Made is created from a love of the beautiful and health yielding produce of the beehive. Luxurious, natural skincare and all things honey. We love our bees and are fascinated by their amazing work and behaviour. We believe deeply in social responsibility and caring for the environment. Every element of our business and all our decisions are driven by this. We seek to share the wonders of the beehive, through creating natural, healthy and beautiful products for you. 

Hi there, I’m Celeste, the Founder of Apiary Made. This is a company which is the culmination of several things I love: natural and luxurious skincare, keeping bees, honey, and creating beautiful things.

Apiary Made was born out of a personal need for the products we make. I have sensitive skin, and for years I had searched for a range of skincare created especially for sensitive, damaged and delicate skin types. When I was 16, I was also involved in a vehicle accident and sustained injuries which left me with significant scarring. When I discovered I couldn’t find a natural product that suited all my skin’s needs, I decided to create it. The astonishing health benefits of Jelly Bush honey and how effective it is in healing, nourishing, rejuvenating and protecting skin provided the perfect ingredient for me to create the skincare range I could never find.  After endless research and testing, Apiary Made and our products, is the result. After using these products, I no longer battle with my skin and love the condition of my skin every day. I now believe everyone should have the option of using luxurious and natural skincare to nourish and keep yourself healthy.

I am endlessly fascinated and impressed by the produce that is created in a bee hive. In trying to be sustainable as possible with my beekeeping practices and procurement of honey for the Apiary Made skincare range, I was led to think of ways I could use other produce of the hive. Thus began my journey into creating Beeswax Food Wraps. Alongside our own range of pure honey, our handmade Beeswax Food Wraps and Produce Pouches have become hugely popular products. They are a great way to reduce the harm of plastic on the environment, and they make your kitchen and picnics look great. 

At Apiary Made, all our products are derived from either our own beehives, located in Wonga Park and Healesville, or other organic sources. Ethical beekeeping is at the heart of Apiary Made, and as the resident beekeeper of Apiary Made, is something I believe wholeheartedly in. None of our wonderful products would be possible without the happiness and health of our bees. We strive to treat our bees with respect and to never overwork the hives. This means we may sell out of our honey from time to time- but this is the way of a natural product.

We have a strong social conscience at Apiary Made and believe that companies are in a unique position to not only be able to create great products, but make change while they are doing it. Hence we created the Honey of Hope Project, which donates part of our membership fees and 10% of our profits to Heifer International. You can read more about the Honey of Hope Project HERE.

From humble beginnings Apiary Made has grown into a buzzing company, and we are now stocked in hundreds of retailers both national and internationally. We adore getting involved in local communities, so you can catch us selling our products at markets all over Victoria and Australia wide. To find out what markets we are at, follow us on our socials @apiary_made and Facebook.

Apiary Made is therefore no longer just me and my bees! I have a wonderful team who are all involved in production and who contribute to the company with their own individual strengths.