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Apiary Made creates handmade lifestyle, health and skincare products that are derived from, and celebrate, the beautiful and health yielding produce of the beehive. 

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Caring for your beeswax wraps: HOW TO

Celeste Faltyn

By following some simple guidelines, beeswax wraps are very easy to care for. Truly anyone can take care of them, they don't need much- less is more when it comes to washing them. At Apiary MAde We design the wraps to be durable and easy to use for the whole household.

Even if you are new to them, don't fear... just treat them as your best, heat-sensitive friends and you'll get along just fine!


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Use cold water to wash. This is the most important factor in caring for your beeswax wrap. Simply run a cold tap and use your fingers or a very soft cloth to clean the wrap. Alternatively, fill a small amount of water into a shallow bowl and wash the wrap in the bowl. Apply some detergent (of the most natural kind you have available) if you've used the wrap with something very sticky for instance.

Beeswax wraps are naturally antibacterial, so there's no need to use a lot of detergent or be too aggressive when washing. Just wash to the extent that's required to remove any debris. When using the wraps with fresh produce, a very quick rinse may be all that's necessary. 


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Dry naturally by hanging your wrap or pegging it on an indoor line, or by placing the wrap on your dish rack. Don't use any heat to speed up the process- they dry quick on their own- but you can pat them down with a tea towel if you would like to use them again immediately. 


When not in use, place in a drawer away from direct sunlight. Rolling a few up and placing them on an easy to reach shelf or in a jar (away from direct sunlight) is a good way to trigger your memory to use them too. Also ensure whatever space you are storing them is not over a heating duct. 

Other tips

Remember not to use the wraps over hot dishes and food, wait until everything has cooled before wrapping. 

Most importantly- enjoy using them! Hopefully they will make your kitchen and home look and feel great. If you are having any issues or have questions please contact us