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3 Edgar Avenue
Wonga Park, VIC, 3115

+61 405 221 350

Apiary Made creates handmade lifestyle, health and skincare products that are derived from, and celebrate, the beautiful and health yielding produce of the beehive. 

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Sneak Peak... Packaging Design

Celeste Faltyn

One of the most fun parts of opening up a new business is the branding and packaging design. I am lucky enough to have Graphic Designer Gemma Warriner on our team, coming up with our gorgeous brand identity and label designs. 

The concept came out of having a huge respect for honey bees and the hard work they do to create the amazing Jelly Bush honey we use. Gemma came up with the clever and stunning swarm effect which will be used on our skincare labels. We will soon begin working through the labels that will go on to our honey products so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, here is a sneak peak of the label for our Hydrating Face Cream. We hope you love it!